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Unwanted calls that occur most often:

Cold calls

Do you receive calls from companies which offer you products and services that you’re not interested in? Do they interrupt your work or other tasks you’re busy with? Use our database!


Do you receive phone calls from distant location that can cause you pay horrendous money for? Do you want to avoid falling victim of premium rate numbers? Use our database and worn others!

Hidden numbers

Do you receive calls from people or entities who attempt to conceal their identity, endanger your privacy and steal your personal data? Use our database and worn others!

Who called me?

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We are a network which enlarges the database we use day by day!

How does it work?

Are you wondering how we work? The method we use is a cooperation of a network of people who help one another through providing us with phone numbers. Doing so, they enlarge our database and increase chances of identifying a phone number the next time. You just have to go to our website, find the search section and research a phone number.

And what do you do if the number you wanted to identify is not included in our database? Don’t give up! Add it to our database. You will help other users to identify the caller, as you provide us with the information about the phone number. What information may be useful? Don’t hesitate to share any information you may have. Given the fact that our network is very diversified, you may never know, whether a seemingly unimportant detail may be of a great help to someone else.

Where do we get information from? You don’t have to worry if the data you get from us come from a proven source. The information we use is publicly available. What’s more, everything that’s available on the website is free of charge. We have taken into consideration the needs of our users, hence the phone numbers available on the website belong usually to companies which may attempt to reach you on the phone.

And what exactly do we provide you with when you find a phone number on our website? And what may you need this information for? You have certainly experienced that you haven’t picked up your phone, you call back and have to pay additional fees because it was a premium rate number. You can avoid it, as you take advantage both of the opinions provided by the members of our network as well as of the information researched on the internet, which you can find on our website.

There’s no doubt, that the majority of the calls you receive from unknown callers, are cold calls and suspicious callers who want to conceal their identity. These are either people who want to sell a product and interrupt your work or the ones who want to make money out of premium rate calls.

Hence, it’s crucial to remember that your opinion and your experience matter immensely to us. Once you understand that, we will build a strong network of users who will have no trouble finding out, whom they receive calls from.

And what about the situation that you find your phone number on the website and you wish it wasn’t there? You can let us know that you have found a phone number that belongs to you and you wish it wasn’t there. In that case, contact us without undue delay. We will react to your request immediately and delete the number you claim to be yours. Due to the technical requirements it shouldn’t take longer than one day but your being delighted with our services matters to us the most.

Both us and members of our network do our utmost to collect information about unknow phone numbers to protect information about our clients and prevent them from unnecessary costs. You can do so, by checking a phone number on our website and sharing it with the network, as you post information about unknown callers on our website. Our services are completely free of charge. The more members we have, the more effective our network is and the more reliable our database is!

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