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Together, we are building data with informations about calls from unknown phones


An extensive phone number database to companies. Thanks to our portal you can easily check which company you received the call from. Our database is being expanded every day by users who add information about the companies operating in the UK.


Do you receive unwanted and marketing phone calls? Connections from call centers and sales departments with marketing offers that you are not interested in? Here you will find verified information on this subject.


Did you receive a dangerous phone call or text message? Are you a victim of premium rates numbers or somebody wanted to extort your personal details? Do not hesitate Warn other users!

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How does it work?

The principle of our portal is very simple! Type the phone number, that you are looking for into the search area and press "enter". Our database with hundreds of thousands phone numbers will identify the desired phone number! If it is not possible to find the number, you can easily add it to our database. Feel free to share the information about the caller at our portal to help our community. Any kind of useful information could help others and the whole process will not take longer than 2 minutes. You can also update the information about the phone number, improving the quality of our portal.

Our portal uses only publicly available information and verified user reviews to provide callers details. Our service is absolutely free of charge and is available to everyone. We focus primarily on phone numbers of individuals and companies located in the United Kingdom.

Did you miss a call and you are wondering whether to call back? But you are worried that the number is not secure and it will expose you to additional fees? Thanks to our portal and proven opinions provided by real users, you can quickly verify the identity of the caller. Our portal uses only publicly available information and verified user reviews to present the callers details. Our service ist absolutely free of charge and is available to everyone.

A big part of unknown connections may come from companies or institutions, that want to contact us on various issues. However, some of these connections may also come from untrusted sources.If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message, do not hesitate to share this information with our community. Remember - your opinion can help others! By adding a reliable comment you affect the building of valuable knowledge and you contribute to the development of our community.

If you have found your number in our database and you do not want to share this information with other users, please contact us directly using the special contact form available at our website. Our technical support responds quickly to your request and the comment is generally removed after 1 business day.

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